Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions asked by our customers.

How does the my nicotine test work?

Nicotine from all types of tobacco break-down in your body and are eliminated in your urine. These nicotine by-products (called metabolites) produce a shade of reddish-pink on the Nicotine Test strip that depends on the amount of nicotine metabolites. The more nicotine metabolites there are, the darker the reddish-pink color. This color is read by your smartphone camera and analyzed by our computer algorithm which relates that specific color to a specific level of nicotine metabolites. To calculate your nicotine levels, we use sophisticated techniques such as computer vision, machine learning, and neural network architecture.

How can I introduce my health care provider to MyNicotineTest?

Any tobacco user can introduce the My Nicotine Test to their health care provider. What should I say to my health care provider? Something like: Dr. _____, cloud-based nicotine testing is now available online. I’m interested in knowing my nicotine levels and I’m asking for your assistance. I’ve asked my nicotine test results be emailed to you. More information is available at and

How many tests are necessary to measure nicotine level patterns?

It depends, but we recommend to start with 3 tests. You can get our triple play here. The first test is to establish a “baseline” or starting level. And then perform self-tests at the times of your choosing. For example, after cutting down for a while or after switching to vaping or the new Heat not Burn tobacco products.
You can also self-test and see when there is no nicotine in your body. If your tobacco use patterns vary greatly and your use changes or you mix your tobacco product use (cigarettes, vaping, cigars, smokeless or heat not burn tobacco, and/ or nicotine replacement medicines) more testing may be helpful.
Our tobacco professionals will help you understand what it all means. When you measure it, you control it! We will help.

Is my information safe and secure?

We take your personal information seriously and your information is stored on state-of-the-art HIPAA compliant servers. Our goal is to ensure your information is maintained with the highest possible level of safety and security

I’m not ready to stop smoking or vaping. What do I do?

Many tobacco users are not ready to quit right away-And that’s just fine. Whether you are cutting down, switching to another product, continuing to use tobacco products while using a tobacco treatment medication or are just curious about your biochemical nicotine and tobacco consumption, the My Nicotine Mobile App can help.